- Scottsdale, Arizona - Nov.16th 2002 -

I was lucky this November on my vacation trip to Arizona to see a TV commercial about a oncoming GoodGuys Show in Scottsdale,AZ. I've been already to  several GoodGuys shows in Rhinebeck,NY. So I went with my girlfriend and her little boy to this wonderful Rod & Custom show. Beautiful Arizona weather and thousands of cars to look at.

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gguys02_261.jpg gguys02_271.jpg gguys02_281.jpg gguys02_291.jpg gguys02_301.jpg
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gguys02_411.jpg gguys02_421.jpg gguys02_431.jpg gguys02_441.jpg gguys02_451.jpg
gguys02_461.jpg gguys02_471.jpg gguys02_481.jpg gguys02_491.jpg gguys02_501.jpg
gguys02_511.jpg gguys02_521.jpg gguys02_531.jpg gguys02_541.jpg gguys02_551.jpg
gguys02_561.jpg gguys02_571.jpg gguys02_581.jpg gguys02_591.jpg gguys02_601.jpg
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gguys02_661.jpg gguys02_671.jpg gguys02_681.jpg gguys02_691.jpg gguys02_701.jpg
gguys02_711.jpg gguys02_721.jpg gguys02_731.jpg gguys02_741.jpg gguys02_751.jpg
gguys02_761.jpg gguys02_771.jpg gguys02_781.jpg gguys02_791.jpg gguys02_801.jpg

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