Antique Carshow - Montgomery Place, New York, July 13th 2003

On July 13th 2003 the 11th Annual Antique Car Show at Montgomery Place,NY took place. A wonderful carshow with more than 200 cars from the 1910s til the 1970s. Edsel's, Mustang's, Corvette's, Ford Model A, Buick's and many more were there. Please enjoy the Pics (1280x960 Pixels). Just click on one of the small buttons and a extra window will open with the larger image.

(c) BIGMEK 2003-2006 - Picture taken with CANON S50 Digital Camera


Img_11601.jpg Img_11611.jpg Img_11621.jpg Img_11631.jpg Img_11641.jpg
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Img_11701.jpg Img_11721.jpg Img_11731.jpg Img_11741.jpg Img_11751.jpg
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