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March, 1st 2001
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About us... the little family

What you should know ??? Well, I live  in the southern part of germany.
I am 6 feet 5,that make my friends sometimes to call me Arnold Schwarzeneggers little brother.Why do they call me like that ? Well, they say that when I say " I'LL BE BACK"  like Arnie did in Terminator2 they also asy it sounds like he said it.Anyway, I just laugh.

This a snapshot from our New York trip in may 2003 with Dagmar's sister Kerstin, her husband Daniel and little Paul.


Hier klicken um auf unsere NY TRIP TOUR Seite zu kommen. Wir haben dort eine Karte von der Tour. Links zu Hotels und anderen Reiseplanungsseiten. Ausserdem eine art Tagebuch. Dieses ist noch nicht ganz fertig, aber wir arbeiten dran.

I was born in the early 70s and did all the stuff almost everyone has gone through.
My Parents took care of me. My mother gave me enough to eat and my father showed me the fantastic things I still do, photography, electronics, computer.
When I was 3 years old my parents decided, that I will get a brother. His name is Axel.
At the early years we were like cat and dog. Like almost all brothers and/or sisters. But when we both got a little bit normal and mature we found out that we are the best friends in the world. Now every time we visit each other it's just great.
I am totally happy together with my wife Dagmar, Fabian, Jonathan and Josefine. Before Jonathan came to our world we got married November 12th 2003.
See some pictures:

On June 3rd 2006 we finally made our white wedding possible and also Jonathan's Baptism. Of ocurse we have pictures from that fantastic evenmt. You can check out our wedding Homepage at: http://hochzeit.bigmek.de .

Dagmar is a so called midwife(Hebamme).

Now our life has changed again a little bit. We moved to France in 2007 for 2 years. To the sunny, beautiful south near Montpellier. Languedoc-Roussilion. We improved our english, french. Found many new friends.
Our Kids also have Homepages:
See here: JONATHAN's Page
Fabian's own Homepage is available here: http://fabian.bigmek.de
Josefine Emily's Homepage: http://josefine.bigmek.de

 I went to school for 10 years, started learning at IBM and started working there as a Customer Engineer. Later on I started to work in a RS/6000 Support Center. I already worked on several , so called IBM REDBOOKS. These books are helpful additions to existing IBM Software and Hardware books. IBMers and Business partners work together on those books togethert. If you are interested, read them:

I am certified in AIX(IBM Unix) and I use LINUX at home. 
Well that's all boring stuff, let's go further.

From the early years I was creative boy, my mother always tells me, I was drawing pretty good. That's what I still do. But now I also started Airbrush and creative Imaging on my PC. I am using a DELL Dimension 5150 PC with 2.8 Ghz Intel Pentium Dual Core Procxessor with 3GB Memory, 256MB NVidia Graphic, 1,16TB SATA Disks plus 1TB external Disks, a Canon LIDE200 Scanner a CANON PowerShot S10 Digitalcamera (2.1Megapixel) a CANON Powershot S50 & S80 Digitalcamera (5 Megapixel and 8 Megapixel) and a Canon HV20 Full HD MiniDV Camera a Canon Pixma IP4200 Printer. I use some easy to use but powerfull Software, JASC /Corel Paint Shop Pro XI release ,  and Namo WebEditor 8. 
You can also enjoy my own artwork, i.e. Airbrush, drawings etc.If you want you can also go to my OLD HOMEPAGE . Or the Homepages I did: Bauer Rott and Mode&Mehr and SV B÷BLINGEN-BOXEN and Die Filderhebammen (my Wife Dagmar's Homepage).Just visit them (all in german)


There you can take a look at some of my drawings, paintings and Airbrush Pic's.
Photography is also a old hobby of mine, but that hobby including self Black/White developing needs a lot of time, and time is always a problem. I always try to improve my techniques and so I will draw more and more. Perhaps you like it. I already did some Homepage stuff and advertise in newspapers. Also some friends got some of my pictures. I think I am not bad in what I do, all thepeople who see my drawings, airbrush etc. tell me I do a good job, even people who studied art or similar said, that it's pretty good and I perhaps have missed the right job. So, this makes me happy and I do more and more. 

During my work in the Support Center I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the USA. I already went more than 16 times to New York and upstate NY. Pretty soon you will find some information about the Hudson Area in NY State from me. I will gather some info and put everything together for you. I also spent some time in Austin,TX probably the best place in the US to live and have fun (Live Music...). The area from NY to Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Woodstock, Albany, Niagra Falls is just great. More to come soon.That's why I also bought a American car in 1999.
I was bored of the most designs the car manufacturer bring to the market. I sold my old Volkswagen Passat and got a FORD Cougar (in the US it's a Mercury). 

Here is pic of my Cougar. It's a smooth driving car, with enough room for me. I am 1.96m (ca.6feet5) so a Audi TT won't fit, a Ferrari is to expensive and I don't want to have something else. You can visit the NECO Homepage and the EURO-NECO Homepage (co-founded it) also for some Information about the Cougar.
My dream is still a old US Car, like a 67 Mercury Cougar XR7 or a 65 Mustang Fastback. Well perhaps I can get one someday.

That's all for now...besides we are 6 now, since 2012 Charlotte Lilli joined us. 
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